Hate Gate Act One:  Blood and Soul Covenant  Written, Animated and Directed by Willie Easter, Jr.  This is a dark tale about Hate and Revenge. Jay Williams was murdered because of his love affair with a white woman in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina. At the time of Williams' murder, his soul was filled with great hatred for those who murdered him. His soul couldn't enter Heaven or Hell because of his broken heart and hatred. Jay's soul entered the inbetween world ruled by Whorook, King, Highpriest and Master of the HATE GATE. 

Lines taken from easterj's new animated film HATE GATE...           Screenplay Storyline

WHOROOK:  Listen to me, my child! Don't speak just listen!  You say that you want revenge on those who murdered you; there is a way to accomplish your request.


WHOROOK:   But first, before I can help you, you must agree to a Blood and Soul Covenant with I, Whorook,  King, Highpriest and Master of the inbetween world and Hate Gate.

JAY'S GHOST: I will agree to any covenant, if you can grant me the power to kill those who murdered me! They killed me because I was in love! They took that life away from me and I want them all destroyed!

More lines will come later... copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2012 

Below is a picture taken from easterj's new Horror/Fantasy animated film HateGate copyright   easterj & easter dare to dream films 2012  Fallen Angel and the ghost of Jay Williams.        

 Ghost:  The spirit of a dead person.                                                                                                   Fallen Angel:  Angel cast out of Heaven. 

Hate Gate Act 1: Blood and Soul Covenant...     Above is a picture of Whorook's wife's coffin. 

The ghost of Jay Williams returns to his gravesite. 


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